Friday, September 04, 2009

BS for today #18 - Olympic Cycling II

The second part of Olympic cycling stamps.

Munich 1972

This is a stamp from 1972 showing the Olympic velodrome in Munich. Track length 285 m. Material, wood. As most old Olympic velodromes it has been destroyed. The building still exists but is used for other purposes than track cycling.

The above stamp in a sheet of four different.

Montreal 1976

This is a stamp from 1976 showing the Montreal Olympic velodrome. This was the first indoor Olympic velodrome (the building in the front). Track length 285 m, surface wood. The building itself is quite beautiful. Also this one is defunct. It has been rebuilt as some kind of biodome.

Moscow 1980

This is a stamp from 1977 showing a track cyclist, apparently riding barefoot. A very nice stamp, like a Greek marble statue. The Krylatsky Olympic velodrome apparently still exists. Track length 333 m, wood surface.

Los Angeles 1984

This is a stamp from 1983 showing a road cyclist. Art work by Robert Peak. The LA Olympic velodrome does not exist today, it was apparently converted into 2500 parking spaces?!

The above stamp in a block of four different.

A maxi card.

Seoul 1988

This is a stamp from 1985 showing a track cyclist. The Seoul Olympic velodrome is still in use. Track length 333 m, surface wood.

The above stamp in a sheet of two different.

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