Sunday, May 27, 2012

Giro 2012 - Stage 3: Horsens-Horsens

The evening before the third stage I took a train from Herning to Horsens.

The third stage Horsens-Horsens (190 km) was again one for the sprinters. Here is Cav's Pinarello Dogma with World Championship stripes on the bottle cages.

The Norwegian Gabriel Rasch riding for FDJ BigMat giving an interview in the morning before start.

The Canadian FDJ BigMat rider Dominique Rollin chilling.

Fränk Schleck getting ready for start.

Francis Mourey enjoying the atmosphere.

Sergio Henao, who had a great Giro.

Pete Kennaugh, missed the focus slightly.

The young sprinter Arnaud Démare riding for FDJ-BigMat.

Bernhard Eisel putting on a show as usual.

Jussi Veikkanen getting ready for the third day in Denmark.

An autograph hunter almost running into Mauro Santambrogio.

The BMC riders are leaving for start one by one, and young autograph hunters waiting for Taylor Phinney.

Nice to get a photo of Taylor Phinney before ...

... he put his glasses on.

Then it was time to run down to the city center to see the start. Had to outrun Maglia Rosa, made it.

The mascot at the rear of Didi Senft's trailer.

The riders went past three times before the final sprint. At this time there was six riders in a breakout.

Fans keeping their place at the fence.

The tension is mounting.

The second time the riders came by the Danish Saxo Bank rider Mads Christensen was alone ahead of the peloton.

A Danish fan.

The third time the riders came by it was the Danish Lotto Belisol rider Lars Bak who was in front.

Followed by the Sky train.

A local fan enjoying the atmosphere.

Working hard or hardly working? The local police enjoying a chat with some blonde.

I was standing at the 150 m mark.

This was roughly the shot I wanted, but it is not really in focus. The one from stage 2 turned out better.

The yellow lines show approximately the view I had through the lens.

Seconds before the crash.

In the front you can see part of Roberto Ferrari just about to turn right.

Cav down!

Total mayhem, the whole peloton was breaking hard and there was a smell of burnt rubber in the air. That is something you don't experience through Eurosport.

A strong feeling of disappointment.

Dramatic moments, the pink bike of Taylor Phinney and Taylor still in the ambulance.

Stage winner Matt Goss and Kei Tsuji taking photograps.

Well, what should we do now?

This luck boy got the pink jersey, but the podium girls did not kiss him and he did not get to empty a bottle, slightly disappointing.

The race leader arrives to the podium in an ambulance.

One of these ...


He would not miss this.

Good to see that he was still smiling.

That was the start of the Giro in Herning and Horsens. Unfortunately it was time for me to head back to Finland. Italy will have to wait for at least one year.

Giro 2012 - Jussi Veikkanen

Jussi Veikkanen is the only Finnish rider in the 2012 Giro peloton. He rides for the French FDJ - BigMat. The team colouring looks very good. 

Veikkanen just returning from a test round at the TT stage.

The Lapierre TT bike.

Nice details on the TT bike.

Jussi ready to go out on the route again.

Signing his autograph.

Warming up.

Discussing tactics?

I had the chance to meet Jussi Veikkanen!

Smiling as usual.

The race face  is on.

Going to the start area.

Day two. The Lapierre road bike, #89.

All 9 Lapierre bikes lined up. Good-looking bikes, the black aerowheels make them look quite badass.


Always popular.

William Bonnet, Jussi Veikkanen and Gabriel Rasch.

One more.


And a last one from day two.

Day three in Horsens, fresh out of the FDJ - BigMat team bus.

Getting his bike.

One without the glasses.

How many photos do you need?

Signing autographs again.


Oui, ...

Leaving for start.